While working with reAlpha I acted as their UI/UX and Marketing intern. Being that reAlpha is a smaller startup I was able to work on a range of tasks with cross functional teams internationally.

1.0 design work

Landing Page Mockups

One of the early tasks I worked on was redesigning what the new home page could look for reAlpha. What they had before was playful, outdated, and didn't resonate with where the brand was headed. They wanted something fresh and clean with an emphasis on the use of white space. This is one of many iterations that was used to discuss changes with the team. Click here to see the full page.

Homepage Mockup
Homepage Mockup

1.1 design work

Brand Redesign

Within the marketing team, our goal for the summer was to collaborate with our creative team in Brazil to create a new aesthetic for the brand. This involved many back and forth calls going over inspirations, moodboards, color palettes, and more. We altered the brand from bright greens with emojis, to a sleek modern look with the use of AI imagery targeting what we dubbed our "Silver Fox" persona. Development of the site took place after I left the company but click here to see what it looks like.

1.2 design work

Investor Relations

I spent a good amount of my time with reAlpha personally designing their investor relations pages. The development and execution took place after I left the company but all of the elements I designed are being put into use live on their site here.

Homepage Mockup


Follow-on Offering

My final project was putting together the cross-platform marketing strategy for the follow-on offering after the company had listed publicly on NASDAQ. We made use of the Amazon 6 pager strategy where my proposition went through many rounds of revisions prior to being approved by higher ups. The idea and strategy I came up with are currently being carried out in order to continue to raise money from institutional and individual investors.


AI Chatbot

Soon after joining the company everyone was tasked with finding ways to integrate AI into the brand or their workflow. I used this opportunity to train and develop a chatbot on FAQs that had been stored in massive spreadsheet files previously. The implementation took humans responding to emails out of the equation and automated a previously tedious process.